Steamfunk Fairyest 2013

The Versatile Revamping Artisan 

  The Versatile Revamping Artisan


 The experienced and talented Steamfunk  Fairy  from Tiverton in Devon loves to bring life to furniture or belongings using a multitude of well practised techniques in particular painting and decoupage.

"I am an avid recycler so would rather save something from landfill, fix it up and make it a useable piece of art.

I have years of experience and have a wide variety of skills to produce the look you require.

I love to share and combine my ideas with the clients to produce a final piece that they adore."

Whether you need a refreshing new paint job, a completely unique piece or a bespoke gift for a friend or loved one, Steamfunk Fairy is available to help.

 Take a look at my photo gallery of my own ideas and commissions. Also check out the 'items for sale' page for the latest furniture or upcycles available.

Please be aware most items on my website are SOLD so they are not available to buy but if you like the look I can produce similar.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram to see daily posts.

If you would like me to make and post any of the smaller items, please message me as I do not know if comments have been made on separate pictures.

Pictures added monthly.

My Services Include:

  • *Furniture revamping , steampunk style, shabby chic, bright and strong colours, themes, comic  
  • *Decoupage
  • *Handmade gifts
  • *Wooden items made from reclaimed wood
  • *Producing customer ideas
  • *I can purchase items from  'Nemesis Now' wholesaler

Enjoy browsing my gallery of creativity and feel free to email me [email protected]

September 2019 -Started studying Carpentry and Joinery.
                 I am still available for commissions  

Check out my simple steps below to give your own furniture a spruce up.

December 2018 - Working on a beauty salons interior, they fancy a change from silver to more earthy tones. Mirrors are back on the walls and now to finish the desks. Will post a picture on completion.

The shop was fun but due to the old building needing building work soon I took the decision to go back home to work....the original Steamfunk Fairy Headquarters!

As I am not in the shop anymore I am available for home visits locally, maybe larger items that cannot be moved.

Shop window on opening 3rd June 2017.

Shop window April 2018.


Tiverton, Devon


[email protected]


We also have a free pick up and free delivery option for customers living in Tiverton.

Possible delivery outside of Tiverton for additional fee.

The owners of this VW campervan were more than happy with my decoupage work which was an exciting commission.

Furniture can be delivered to me and returned looking beautiful.

This dresser was one of my commissions,which the customer loved.

Just a peek at some of the wholesale stock I can buy in.

Thanks for visiting!