Steamfunk Fairy est 2013

Upcycler, recycling artist, creator, furniture painter, woodworker.

Photo Gallery

Bright Colourful Furniture Bright Colourful Furniture Simple little table Bright little magenta table. 194452231 201091304 Upcycled chest of drawers with added mirror Painted in white with teal and orange and a decoupaged drawer. Part of a set ( bureau other part). 195563918 Blanket box Decoupaged and painted blanket box. 194452222 Spring loaded coffee table Painted in teal with pale pink underside and a hint of lime green. Finished with a lacquer. 195563916 Close up of rocking chair Painted with 'grand cru' Autentico with decoupaged spindles. 194452221 Black bureau Outside black and the inside bright purple. 194903296 Desk top Painted with amethyst autentico paint and decoupaged. 191810753 Rocking chair Painted in 'grand cru' Autentico with pretty decoupaged spindles. 194452230 Folding tea trolley Patchwork decoupage and Teal paintwork. 196804727 Commissioned television unit. 191388411 Bedside unit Painted in Byzantine Autentico with decoupaged door. 192031797 Painted and decoupaged desk Painted with Amethyst Auntentico paint, black wax and decoupaged. 191811086 Red table with decoupaged roses 190829835 Funky Bureau Painted in white, orange and teal with decoupaged drawers. 195563911 Console table. Painted in Byzantine Autentico and bright lime green. 197231015 Small bedside unit A commission to match another bedside unit. 194452228 Mirror and chest of drawers Painted with butterflies (mirror) and partly decoupaged drawers. 194452229 Purple drawers 190375178 Glass top tables. I used fabric under the glass to produce these cute tables. 190375176 Crackle painted drawers Painted with 'byzantine' Autentico with crackle glaze painted drawers. 194452227 Gorgeous manuscript unit Painted with Autentico paint and decoupaged with floral papers. 194452225 Patchwork armchair I made this for myself, thought I would give it a go! 190375694 Stunning cupboard Autentico ivory paint with wallpapered doors. 198731751 Pink slightly distressed folding table 190375698 Wall shelves. Bright turquoise Autentico painted dresser top with decoupaged back. 198731754 Sugar skulls table. 196804731 Hot pink statement piece Hot pink shelves with black stripes and animal pictures 200334454 Funky stripes and butterflies, chest of drawers 199184544 Decoupaged tv unit 201172211 Funky statement unit 201172193 Very alternative piece 201172190 Gorgeous lilac drawers Wallpapered drawers with a lilac surround, finished with a clear wax. 201172205 Chalkboard table. These can be ordered. 190375173 Ladybird footstool. Upcycled and converted into a footstool. 190375177 Funky bureau Lime green and white with birdcages to match customers wallpaper. 197963874 Desk and chair. Hand painted and decoupaged. 197231148 Cute chair Cute revamped chair. 198731752 Green distressed tv unit Painted with eggshell Verts Anglais Autentico and given a slight distressing on some edges. 198731793 Mini decoupaged and painted drawers. 191388410 Small decoupaged shelves 190829831 Steampunk style bedside unit. 190375699 Patchwork decoupage bedside unit 199184365 Green butterfly side table. 198731792 Lilac sideboard. Lilac finished with white wax. 202325150 Colourful shelves. White with multi-colours. 198731757 Cute dressing table. 201172176 Decoupaged and hot pink unit 201172174 Gothic castle Black, purple and silver castle shelf, finished off with sugar skulls 200156826 Striking shelves. Byzantine Autentico finished with white and black wax. 201172192 Hot pink bedside unit 201172209 Tall shelves White with coloured shelves. 201172189 Hot pink drawers 201620941 Teal drawers Handpainted birdcage, decoupage birds and sparkly glass knobs. 201929531 Girly wardrobe Hot pink, purple and turquoise. This was commissioned to go with the My little pony drawers. 201929532 Matching bedsides 201929534 Black glittery drawers Very glittery and blingy. 201929535 Grey patchwork dressing table 201929736 Black and hot pink nik nak drawers 201929737 Vibrant pink and turqouise unit with sugar skull Harlequin effect pattern on three sides. turquoise glass knob, cup handle and white stencilled sugar skull on the top. 202115985 Black and red cupboard on legs Black with red harlequin effect on sides. Long legged cupboard with removable shelf inside. 202115986 Bright teal drawers with butterfly knobs. 202325149 Bright refreshing bedside cabinets White satin finish with glass knobs. 202115987 Stunning drawers finished in white wax 203009976 Funky wall unit with purple glass 202325375 Papered unit black and teal 203211198 Papered cupboard and drawer unit 203211199 Elegant drawers 203211201 Gothic style corner unit. 203634396 Large white and turqouise sideboard. 203634397 Funky patchwork and black unit 203634398 Gorgeous bureau Plum pudding frenchic paint 203634399 205343775 Large mirror Duck egg and silver wax. 203634400 Galaxy mirror 203634462 Teal and decoupage stag unit Part one of bedroom set. 203770070 Teal and decoupaged large bedsides. Part 2 of bedroom set. 203770071 Tattoo themed bedsides. 204192103 Rainbow drawers 204192104 Pretty drawers. 204192105 Lovely Grey and turqouise desk/ dressing table. Gorgeous dressing table or desk. French grey and Antique turquoise finished with silver wax. 204192107 Stunning green chest. Green chest of drawers with all different knobs, finished in silver wax. 204192108 Pallet topped sideboard in blues and purples. 204485565 Hot pink and black. 204485567 Candy stripes elegant unit. 205134994 Gorgeous solid bureau in pink with black wax 205134995 Elegant wallpapered drawers 205134996 Lovely grey with silver wax desk. 205134998 Bright prism decoupaged drawers 205343780 Teal and black dressing table with crackle effect. 205135000 Matt black surround with bright tie dye look drawers Matt vintage rocks kohl surround with unicorn spit gel stain drawers in a high gloss. 205503013 Mirrors for beauty salon - after 205503017 Mirrors for beauty salon- before 205503018 Pretty sideboard 205503019 Unicorn spit chair, high gloss 205503020 Faux suitcase drawers 205503022 Commissioned box 205503027 Handpainted original artwork unicorn drawers 205503028 Handmade large button sign commissioned for a shop 205503030 Stunning large mirror shelf 205754279 Small boho table 205754280 Small boho table 205754281 Hand painted wild flowers drawers 205699975 205699981 205820398